Markus Kitsinger
DynVol is an ongoing effort to create a library to manipulate a set of proprietary archive formats used by the company Dynamix in the 1990s and early 2000s.
These archives usually contained data for use in one of the games produced by the company. Dynamix provided utilities to create and extract archives of a couple of these formats, but the tools only work on Windows and are very limited (no file deletion, no rename &c.) One of the goals of this project is to recreate these utilities with the library.
The project is available on GitHub.
Wine (custom build)
Wine is a compatibility layer that enables Windows programs to be used on non-Windows operating systems. This build of wine contains a variety of enhancements, including support for the Gallium Nine D3D9 state tracker and a multithreaded D3D command stream.
The build is available on Launchpad.
winewrap is a fork of sjurajpuchky's wrappit4wine. It is a set of two bash scripts that generate files that facilitate the creation of wine wrappers of native libraries.
The project is available on GitHub.
Revitar 2
Revitar 2 is an acoustic guitar virtual instrument originally created by C. Lawrence Zitnick III.
I now maintain this project. I have updated it to work with newer versioons of the VST SDK and added a toggle button to reduce the pick attack noise. Further enhancements are planned.
The project is available on GitHub.